Chris Greene
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The 9-minute sampler for the upcoming and long-awaited new double CD set from the Chris Greene Quartet is finally available. Click here to purchase and/or stream the preview! With each $5 purchase, you’ll get an video that contains pics and footage of the Chris Greene Quartet in the studio recording the new album.

1. The Missing Part (D. Espinosa)
2. Papuera (E. Motta)
3. Clean & Clear (M. Piane)
4. Day of Honor (W. Kurk)
5. The Moose Is Loose! (C. Greene)


Produced by Joe Tortorici for Jazz Masters and Chris Greene for Cee Gee Music
Recorded July 15 & 16, 2013 at Uptown Recording, Chicago, IL.
Engineered by Rob Ruccia.
Mixed and edited by Joe Tortorici.
Album mastered by Todd Carter at Bel Air Sound Studios, Chicago, IL.
Photography by Ozzie Ramsay.
Voice: Abigail Riccards.

VISIT for your preview of the new album!

Thanks again for all of your support.


Chris, Damian, Marc & Steve.

2nd single from the new album “A Group Effort” Co-produced, engineered and mixed by Joe Tortorici. Recorded live at the Mayne Stage on 10/27/11.